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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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democrats make a final push before the election >> world series about to begin the giants and the fans are gearing up for a chance at history. david harmer wrote an education plan titled "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts.
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he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message. >> this is too close. >> first lady michelle obama in town in. 8 days before the election she says will set the course for the future. lillian is reporting live in san francisco tonight. >> and this is the final week of campaigning with more big names in up to for the democrats. >> reporter: nancy pelosi organized this fundraiser and called on michelle obama to headline this event. mav paid off. democrats raised over 1 million dollars tonight. [applause] it was ladies night at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. house speaker nancy pelosi, jill biden and
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first lady michelle obama appeared before an adoring crowd. 700 people mostly women paid 500 dollars for the democratic fundraiser. >> this election isn't just about all that we have accomplished these past couple of years. it is about all that we have left to do in the months and year ahead. that's what this election is about. >>reporter: this is mrs. obama second trip to the bay area since becoming first lady. as with the case with her husband during his california trip last week she has no plans to visit district where democrats are in trouble such as the 11th congressional district. incumbent jerry is trailing in the latest poll to republican david. >> to bring the president in to the 11th is the nationalize the race in the 11th. that's not the strategy democrat think will work. >>reporter: that's why she's instead focusing her energy on safe democratic area like san francisco where she can raise a lot of money and pump up members of her party. >> you know what they say? if you want something done,
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done, what? ask a woman. so i am here tonight and i'm asking, i am you all to get fired up. i am asking you to make those phone calls. this is too close. >>reporter: but the first lady remarks weren't all about the up come election. mrs. obama made a point to offer her congratulations on the giants world series bid. >> as a cub fanny know how it feels when you haven't seen the light of the world series in so long. i know i know how thrilled the city must be so congratulations and good luck. >>reporter: before tonight dinner there were 2 separate reception so in all democrat raise 1.6 million dollars tonight. tomorrow michelle obama will appear in los angeles. live in san francisc francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right lillian thank you. political fire stormy erupted in san jose over a you tube video showing a city kuns man
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taking campaign signs against the measure that he supports. video shows councilman oliver being questioned by police about the no on measure v signs in the back of his car. if passed the measure would change how arbitration is done between the city and public safety union. now the union are strongly opposed to it. the campaign says what oliver did was ill legal. >> i saw councilman oliver with the car parked. his trunk up and walk over and pull a lawn sign off private property. >> oliver insist it is legal because the signs were on public property. and he has the mayor on his side. >> our immune cal code allows volunteers take them down on behalf of the city. >>reporter: and tonight another salvo from the no on measure v campaign that sent thought mailer claiming that oliver broke the law. >> some delevoping news tonight. we have learned of an attack on a nurse at the contra costa county jail
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martinez. sheriff's department spokesman has confirmed that man being booked in the jail assaulted a female nurse today. there is no word on the kind of injury she suffered but we understand they are serious. and word of this attack comes as authority perform an autopsy on a concord woman who was killed on the job this weekend at napa state hospital. 54-year-old donna gross worked as psychiatric technician in the forensic unit of the prison hospital which houses the motel violent patients. suspected killer this man 37-year-old jess will lard massy has a history of violence against women. in addition to the attack on gross a nurse was attacked at the same hospital in the last 72 hours. his identity is disguised for his protection. >> punched me in the face. knocked me to the floor. and then proceeded to try to smash my face with a chair. >>reporter: administrators say they can't talk about the case because of employee confidentiality but nurses say there are not enough hospital
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police officers and response time to assault is just too slow. they say safety has been an issue at the hospital for years. governor schwarzenegger issued a statement on donna gross death saying her work was quota special calling for which she deserves our highest respect. he also ordered allstate flags to be flown at half staff in her honor. drivers have complained it is dangerous. now cal-trans has to defend its design of the section of the bay bridge known as the tomorrow an attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of a driver who plunged off the bridge to his death. allen is on the island overlooking the curve where it happened. allen. >>reporter: there haven't been any mainly accidents or death since that tragic day last year. that's what the plaintiffs will avrmingt that only after the death of the man did cal-trans adequately warn drivers of about the
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dangerous s-curve. it was had first and last trip through the bay bridge s-curve on november 9 of last year. had truck loaded with pairs flipped over a 3 foot wall and plunged 200 feet to the ground. now the family is filing a wrongful death suit accusing cal tran of negligence in the design of the s-curve. >> the driver would not expect this s-curve on a normal bridge that is a straight bridge. >>reporter: at the time the chp ruled that he was traveling over the 40 miles per hour speed limit. >> right now it appears that is a tragic incident that could have been prevented had that driver followed the laws, the rules of the road. >>reporter: there were speed limit and warning signs but after his death cal-trans added more sign. flashing lights and rumble strips. >> it is clear that they realize that the warnings were inadequate. >>reporter: the lawsuit points to 43 crashes in the
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s-curve during the month before the accident. including this one. 18-wheel they are was going too fast and flipped over. >> i can not imagine any jerry putting such a curve inside. >>reporter: structural engineer has been an out spoken critic of the stichbility it's a requirement that if you have a bridge especially existing bridge, you never, never put curves in the middle of bridge. >>reporter: but abc 7 legal analyst dean johnson says suing the state will not be easy. >> the government is generally not liable for defective design or construction and the government in general is not liable for injuries that are caused by its failure to produce a street sign or a warning or traffic signal. >>reporter: now cal-trans may have immunity but the family also suing a list of others that include the design firm and at least 4 other parties involved in the delivery of the pairs that they say
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exceeded the legal weight limit by 8,000 pounds. the attorney for the family will hold a press conference tomorrow morning. live on the island, over the bay bridge s curve, 7 news. >> thank you allen gentleman pg&e released report tonight on what it is doing to make sure another he can motion doesn't happen in one of its gas pipe lines. on september 9 the blast in san bruno killed 8 people and destroyed 37 homes. pg&e checked 16 miles of pipeline around san bruno and found no safety issues needing immediate repair. utility also identified 300 manual gas smells that need to be replaced with automatic or remotely vold valves and hired a company to do the work. they discovered 38 leak that needed repair in the most populated area and still surveying pipeline in less populated areas. >> civil rights leader jesse jackson spending the night in san francisco shelter to highlight the issues facing
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homeless families. tomorrow reverend jackson will be the guest speaker at a gala to benefit the family center for 25 years the center has been working toned homeless necessary in the bay area. >> i come to the shelter about because we are working by day and living in a shelter. children in the shelter who end up being disconnected from school. >>reporter: jackson says there are more than 1,000 families waiting to get into the shelter and the numbers show no signs of improvement. find information on tomorrow night heart of soul benefit with reverend jackson. >> more to get here tonight. giants making it to the world series more than just a showing of orange and black pride. also means jobs for san francisco. the far reaching fall out of the giants next. >> a problem on the track means another slow commute for some muni riders. >> heard about how smoking is bad for your lungs. new research shows it is also
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badtor for your brain. all that come up later on "nightline". >> coming up next on "nightline". radical new weight reduction surgery that takes under an hour and eliminate hunger. potentially breakthrough in fight ago bees ty. >> plus how did america [ female announcer ] as governor, jerry brown supported higher taxes and called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip-off." the unemployment rate nearly doubled, to 11%. jerry brown: he failed on jobs before, can we afford to let him fail again?
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jerry brown: he failed on jobs before, "abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.
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and called prop 13 a "fraud" and a "rip-off." the unemployment rate nearly doubled, to 11%. jerry brown: he failed on jobs before, can we afford to let him fail again? jerry brown: he failed on jobs before, >> clock tower at the ferry building is writ with orange lights tonight. part of san francisco giants pride week. mayor newsom made the proclamation today urging jooints giants fans to show their pride throughout the world series. it is a fun time. certainly in the world series turning out to do a world of good for the bay area economy. lee is the business boost of championship baseball. >> you are exactly right. and to think it is the first pitch isn't until wednesday but already the city is cashing in on all the excitement of the
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world series. >> pretty confident the pooem team would pull through in the end. >> getting ready for the first pitch. extended baseball season is translating into more paycheck for seasonal employees at the park. bit of good news during depressed economy. >> we have had a lot more work to do. obviously extra month of baseball and it has been good for the guys financially as well as good for morale as well. >>reporter: series also bringing economic boom for the city. restaurant. hotels. souvenir shops all cashing in. while fans who didn't get world series ticket were dispointed others are thrilled to spend some cash. >> this is one of the best things that could ever happen. the hotel. the bars. the restaurants. about they have stuff we'll buy it. >>reporter: the pizza across from the park is reporting huge sales up 100 percent in the last week. manager miss jones says they have already scheduled extra staff this
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week. >> huge. hawming for us. hawj for you for server and local businesses everyone is thrilled bit. >>reporter: be needs the immediate economic benefit the series put san francisco on the international stage. highlighting the city and as many businesses and attractions. >> the tremendous he can posh for the city of san francisco when you have all of these viewers watching the world ser series, tuning in on wednesday night and thursday night. >>reporter: and by the way, i hear that there is one ticket for 20,000 and i hear it will place you right in the giant dug out. >> that kind of money it better. >> right. lee thanks. >> and are you you report site blowing up with video from giants fans. picture like this one of the french bull dog. worn out after the
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victory. >> these giants fans in enemy territory in philadelphia. margaret traveled from dc and john traveled from new jersey. >> and seven month old jack is far too young to shave so the mom used the computer to turn this picture into a true fear the beard tribute. >> jack looks pretty bad there. if you have video or photo ou want to us see up load media to you 7 or e-mail us at this web site. we would love to get the picture. >> san francisco muni service back to normal tonight after a derailment in the triangle area. inbound train jumped the track at 6:45 that blocks the intersection of the avenue for more than 2 yours oh. there were no injury reported. muni says it could take a couple of days to figure out what happened. ebay municipal utility district worker are still on the scene of what the main
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break in emeryville starting at 5 this morning. what the gushed out at 200 gala michbility eight hours will be needed to repair the break of. no report of washington caused it or construction crew working in the area. >> what a mess that was. plenty of water fall from the sky over the weekend. but things change. >> bit of a break. lisa here now. >> is this beautiful not have lake tahoe -- >> we interrupt you. good grab the microphone. i don't think we have a mike on you. hang on we'll get the mike on real quick. lisa take just a moment. you are looking at the high right now. the temperatures rather right now at this moment. san francisco 55 degrees over in the east bay antioch 56 degree down in
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san jose 54 degree right now. agent cooler in los gatos 49 degrees. are you ready to go pretty much? almost there. we save this weather segment. hang on a moment. and again these are the temperatures right now. ly a are we ready? go ahead speak. go ahead lis lisa? >> the overnight with some a little bit of moisture in the north bay. so some fog perhaps in santa rosa but the bigger story is the temperatures that have cooled off over the past 24 hours. 7 degrees cooler in napa with sick degrees cooler mountain view and fremont this evening. so-cal start tomorrow. a little bit fog prap in the north bay and some mild weather coming our way tuesday and wednesday we are lacking at another chance of shower perhaps for the second game of the world series. a little trough reinforcing cooler air mast neck couple days of north
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he winds but we will be looking at high pressure fair weather maker deflecting the jet stream to the north. that's our stormtrack and don't have to worry about that the next couple days but this trough well it is going to get agent bit closer. looks like won't make it down that the bay area before the game but gets awfully close. thursday morning sonoma county with agent bit of rape here and looks like it stalls out. check back with us. we may see at bit of rape headed our way in terms of north bay on thursday. overnight low then with some patchy fog in the 40's for napa santa rosa. 49 in richmond. fwev 50 san mateo and tomorrow back up in the upper 60's. 68 in campbell. cooler than average but is in afternoon. pepsi la numbers from the upper 50's at the coast and 58 pacifica, 55 in redwood city. number in the low 60's downtown tomorrow cooler than average. should see upper 60'ss but nice afternoon in the north bay 64
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in petaluma, 67 in napa. northeast wind allowing temperature to climb a bit into the upper 60's calistoga nearest bay 65 oakland san leandro out over the hills and upper 60's in pittsburgh. enjoy the. couple dry day before returning to some unseason pwhi cool wet weather. hooevs here's the 7 day outlook. dry weather tomorrow wednesday increasing clouds hoping it holds off. looks like it will at this point for second game of the world series. by friday showers into sat on and off and looks like drying out by and looks like drying out by halloween.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.
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for different results. i've built businesses. i've built a business. met the payroll. met a payroll. i enter this office beholden to no one except you. i will owe my office to no one but you. i don't owe anyone anything. i don't owe anyone anything. what's the worst that can happen? what's the worst thing that can happen? >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> closed captioning brought to >> new study found that heavy smokers double the risk of delevoping alzheimer's disease. researchers in here follow more than 21,000 milt age people who smoke 2 pack a day for more than 20-year. heavy smoker had a 1 fwi 57 percent higher risk of delevoping alzheimer's and 172 percent higher risk of delevoping dimensia another
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common form of dementia. researchers believe it can cause it by narrowing blood vessel in the brain. >> another good rope to quit. >> some big event on wednesday. what is that. >> well late october. local team playing baseball that means they are in the world series. game 1 and manager bruce [ male announcer ] with jerry brown, it's just one dishonest smear after another. and another. just a dishonest politician, trying to hide his record of failure.
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the real brown plan? more spending on out-of-control state pensions. more favors for the big teachers union, blocking education reform. more job-killing taxes and regulations. more of the same old failure from sacramento. job killer jerry brown. always more taxes, more spending, and more lost jobs.
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always more taxes, more spending, >> if you have been living under a rock the world series begins wednesday with the giants facing the texas ranger. this is the fourth appearance in the series here in san francisco for the giants and rangers going for the fir time. giants pitchers know they have the handful with the texline up. a little light work out today. rangers pitching staff no slouch as they face the ace in game 1 texas lefty cliff lee. 3 and o in the post season. allowed 2 runs in 24 innings. striking out 34 in the proces
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process. that's this era. >> we know we have our work cut out. we had out of work cut out the other 2 play offs. faced good pitchers. hopefully we pitch a ball catch it and find way to get a key hit. keep it similar pichlt rangers worked out yesterday in tech. in san francisco tomorrow for the world series media day and coming with familiar face catcher ben played with the giant for 3 and half years before traded to the rang they are past july after buster brought up. by being on the giants roster this season ben gets world zero ring no matter which team wins. >> i don't know how they will react to me wearing other colors but whatever they give me i'll take. i think i have a lot of friends. i have a lot of brothers. out there on that other team. people that treated me so well. >> reporter: raiders could play like they did yesterday in denver every week they would be back in the superbowl. scored franchise record 59 points against the
11:30 pm
broncos. running back mc$15 career high 165 yards. and 4 touch did you understand showing the reason why the raiders selected him in the first round. raider must feel better about having campbell under center. week ago again the niners he had a career low of 10.7 and yesterday was career high of 127 point 9. talk about a world of difference. coach said he told him to let it go. >> cut it loose. really only a couple times where you say kind of held it and kind of rae read some thing i mention yesterday but only a couple times and to me he just went out there and uses really kind of stayed on time and cut it loose. that's what he has to do. >> meanwhile the 49 ers into the nfl witness protection program the way they are playing. face denver sunday in london. not sure if they will be allowed back in the united states if they lose another game. smith injured had shoulder in carolina and ineffective in relieve. they
11:31 pm
fall to 1 and 6 with the loss. being across the pond might be a good thing. it really gives us a chance to kind of get away from the hustle and bills of the nfl. look at changes you need 0make and slow the pace down a bit. >> still a lot of fighting. still a lot of football left and we have a big hole. we have to dig ourselves out of. >> kind offices it all coach scratching his head like that. game 1 world series wednesday 4:57 first pitch and go giant. >> thank you. that's what is making news. "nightline"up next. >> thanks for joining you into next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 4:30. back in the evening and stay connected any time you wish. time you wish. >> have a great night everyone. see you
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"abolish the public schools." he even called our schools "insidious" and "socialism." as families struggle to raise their kids, to provide a good education, harmer bragged, "we can design a plan to dismantle them." david harmer is just too radical. we need jerry mcnerney. protecting local schools from devastating cuts. he's a moderate, endorsed by the stockton record, the independent, and our local teachers. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i approved this message.


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